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Benefits of Notice to Owner

Lumbermen's makes the whole process painless,
but first lets learn a little more about the process.

What is a Notice to Owner (NTO)?

Anyone doing improvements to property (repairs or new construction) working directly for anyone other than the owner of the property must file a Notice to Owner in Order to file a Lien should the
job not be paid.

What is a Lien?

The Florida Lien Law authorizes those that furnish labor and material to improve real property as well as those that perform professional services, such as architects, landscape architects, engineers, and interior designers to file a Claim of Lien as security for payment.

We do it for you

Need to send a NTO and Lien to your Client? Look no further! Allow Lumbermen's to be the middle man as we provide you with NTO and Lien packages and actually send them by certified mail.

NTO Timeline

First day materials are supplied or services are performed.
Start Date

45 Days

To Send Notice to Owner
(from Day 1)
Last day of the job.
Job Ends

90 Days

To File Lien
(from last day of job)
You have one year to enforce lien from date filed.
Date Lien Filed

1 year

To Enforce Claim of Lien
(from File Date)

This is why NTO’s are Important

Ensure Proper Payment

When you send a NTO, the Construction Lender will require a Release of Lien before the construction draw is funded. The Owner or General Contractor will always pay the Contractors who have sent a NTO to be paid first.

Improve your Cash Flow

Filing a NTO lets the owner know that you are working on the job and the owner will then secure a release from the General Contractor for each progress payment ensuring that you get paid.....timely.

Verify the Owner

Filing an NTO allows us to investigate who the true owner of the property is and notify them of your work on the property ensuring your lien rights and to make sure that the Leaseholder will pay your bill.

Verify the General Contactor

Filing an NTO within the time allowed ensured your right to Lien the job securing your receivables. Should you not be paid by the Owner at that point, you may then foreclose on the Lien compelling the Owner to sell his interest in the property at a judicial sale to satisfy his debt to you.

Pricing & Plans

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We Offer Several Package Deals at Affordable Prices

  • Certified Mail with Tracking Number.

LIEN Services


We Also Provide Different Lien Services

  • Satisfaction of Lien
  • Claim of Lien

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